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Welcome to the Korean Restaurant Week NYC!

We started our blog in 2012 to enable visitors to find the best New York City cuisine. It has since grown and now covers a lot of other topics.

Since we have lived quite a while in the city, we believe most would agree we’re NYC specialists. What’s more, we need to share our aptitude and enthusiasm for the city. With you of course!

We think you’ll see that the goal of this blog is to enable you to find New York City dining at its finest. We share the city’s way of life, history, prominent sights and concealed pearls. So we trust you’ll come here to discover legitimate info about heading out in NYC.

On the off chance that there’s anything you miss on our blog, please email us. Furthermore, if you need customized help with regards to arranging your outing in New York, contact our specialists. They work day and night to ensure you have the most ideal NYC dining experience!

the Korean Restaurant Week NYC Team